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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning i'm sue thompson live in san francisco in the headlines this morning, why shopping in san francisco could cost you a lot more money, it is a new ordinance starting today. we'll tell you how you might be able to escape the extra fees. -- [ inaudible ]
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i think sue pay's attention to mike's forecast before she comes into work she must call him or something. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. you should dress appropriately for the hot weather. >> absolutely you want to be careful heading back to work especially if you work outside, a scar. er in many areas. -- a scorcher in many areas, no clouds, no rain, no drizzle, no mist. what we have is the potential for poor air quality especially in the east bay valleys and also the east bay hills in the santa clara valley a spare the air today many coast warm, low 70s to low 80s under total sunshine, hot around the bay, sunny, 84 to 91 extreme heat will start to develop inland 92 to possibly 103. that's your heatwave for now. 5:0 starting today in
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san francisco, take your own shopping bag to the store or be prepared to pay more. new law in effect forcing retailers to charge shoppers who need a store bag. sue thompson is live at the safeway to explain. >> reporter: good morning. today saturday if you shop in san francisco do not bring your own bag, you will have to pay more. a new ordinance goes into effect today. essentially, what it means is that stores will begin charging kursten cents for -- will begin charging customers, 10 cents for each bag all retailers, department and clothing stores you have to take your own bag into the stores when shopping. restaurants and bakeries are exempt for now. san francisco city says it is a move to get people to be more environmental friendly and get stores to stop using
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plastic. according to this ordinance stores can only offer paper or compostable plastic bags for customers itch not everyone is happy this is controversial. save the plastic baaco says it is not fair and not a nice way to -- others say it is only an extra 10 cents. >> people want a paper bag, 10 cents, hopefully, it is not too big of a deal. >> reporter: san francisco is a big leader in banning plastic bags the first in the nation five years ago to ban plastic bags at major supermarkets and pharmacies. next year restaurants and bakeries will be clouded -- will be included. retail there's do not comply the new ordinance could -- retailers that do not comply, could face fines. right now the coast guard
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is searching for two fishermen who went missing after their boat capsized yesterday before noon near pescadero. their 18 foot boat washed up on the rocks two of the four made it to shore they were wearing life jack -- life jackets. kira klapper is getting the latest and she is going to give us aly update, coming up. an 84-year-old woman investigated for possible drunk driving after her car hit a pedestrian last night. a man in his early 20s was hit while in the crosswalk. he is reported in critical condition at a local hospital. the 84-year-old woman was arrested on dui charges. mom accused of ditching
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her daughter during a shoplifting indent has a hearing scheduled today in nevada. this is a booking photo of marcy keelin arrested friday night in a nevada motel room found with her 11-month-old son and a male friend. s had been looking for keelin for nine days. police say she left her 10-year-old daughter behind with a cart full of groceries that the mother was trying to shoplift. police say she was trying to steal the groceries including beer and took off, abandoning her little girl when she was confronted. pg&e wants to alert residents in belmont about a natural gas pipeline test today between 1 and 3 p.m. near highways 280 and 92. crews have to vent the pipeline to con the test so pg&e is warning -- in conduct the test so pg&e is warning there may be a gas odor in the
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area. howard street is closed through thursday. oracle's ceo kicked thins into high gear last night. lilian kim says he promised the fastest data processing yet. >> reporter: larry ellison took to the stage before a packed room of 10,000. he kicked off the five-day vent with several big product an hundredsments. >> oracle 12c, the c is for cloud. it is the first multi-tenant database in the world. >> reporter: it has been in development for more than four years. it is supposed to be vastly more efficient than traditional databases. he announced the oracle private cloud which can be kept behind the customer's own security firewalls. then the x-3 designed to store
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all databases in memory can >> if you thought the old datas were fast you ain't seen nothing yet many >> reporter: his keynote address was his first of two scheduled speeches. 50,000 registered for oracle's 30th annual conference. some say while the devil is in the details, they did like what they heard confidentiality is very important. therefore, giving us the infrastructure that we could have in our own private cloud, i think is a great idea. >> larry talks a lot about performance and how thecéhe÷ ore platform can beat all competitors strong message. >> reporter: oracle president will give the keynote today, ellison will speak one day before they wrap. by the way, the full convention is expected to pump millions into the bay area. according to statistics the five-day event will generate
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more than 120 million dollars for the bay. attendees are coming to san francisco from over 144 countries. the company expects them to bookó:4x more than 95,000 nights in hotel rooms in san francisco and neighboring cities. [ unintelligible ] >> mr. ellison is going to be very busy on this hot day. good monday morning, 5:08, visibility unlimited in the horizontal and vertical. half moon bay unlimited other than a little haze or spray in the air there. jet stream well up to the north, classic high pressure on top of low pressure, high pressure clockwise low
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pressure counterclockwise wind bringing us a little bit of an onshore wind not a strong one that's why we don't have a fire danger, enough of one that it is going to get hot everywhere today and that poor air quality will build up again. mainly in the 50s by 7:00. we jump into the 80s away from the coast by noon, 70s there, mid 70s coast 4:00 near 90 bay near triple digits inland then starts to cool during the evening low 80s by 7:00 inland 75 around the bay still 68 at the coast. the coast is a two-day thing yesterday and today, tomorrow significantly cooler in the 60s back in the 70s around the bay by wednesday anahuac in the low to mid 80s thursday inland temperatures back to average those three days in those three areas be careful today let's find out about traffic. good morning. very light in san jose, 280
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just a couple headlights going through your screen, snaking from san jose towards cupertino, 17 overcrossing, no problems out of the santa cruz on 17. look at golden gate bridge, live shot traffic flowing nicely another warning if you are traveling between novato and san rafael, southbound 101, chp issuing a speed alert they will be out enforce this morning considering yourself forewarned. out of the central valley 205 tracy to livermore a little over the limit there about 15 minutes from the altamont pass into the dublin-pleasanton area at highway 12 in the sonoma area, downed wires in the streets suggesting that you take take oracle world is ongoing now at mosconey center howard street closed between third and fourth big delays
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around mosconey and south market. >> i was caught up in that traffic last week. definitely be aware. south of market if you can avoid it true to do that. >> next, new way to pay if you cross the bay by boat. bart asking for your two cents when it comes to allowing bikes onboard. chaos that didn't happen. how southern california survived another shutdown of a major freeway. first this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. getting it right the first time. starting today medicare will fine hospitals that have too many patients readmitted because of complications the government expects to penalize 2/3 of hospitals over the next year. milk prices may double until the house passes new farm bill. senate has passed replacement, not the house, without a new law the government would be required to buy dairy products and push-up prices.
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theaters came back to life this weekend thanks to hotel transylvania, number one with 43 million dollars. could be a worldwide shortage of disposeable diapers factory in japan that makes key ingredient was destroyed by an explosion over the weekend. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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good morning. traffic in san jose this is 280 moving smoothly. it is clear out there, we don't have visibility issues. we are on our way to very warm temperatures even hotter than yesterday, spare the air day, mike will have more coming up. caltrain adding signatures more trains starting today following increase in ridership over the summer two new trains and four others that were moth-balled because of budget cuts being restored. also rearranging schedule to give greater flexibility, adding silicon valley stop for 12 limited service trains in june caltrain averaged 50,000 riders each weekday. >> today is the first day you can use clipper card to with pay for ferry crossings the fare is $4.75 one-way. the fare on the harbor bay to
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san francisco route is $5. those fares match discounts that commuters get using the traditional 20 ticket books. if you have been buying tickets one at a time using the clipper card will save at last $1.25 each way. bart officials are evaluating split down the middle results of survey on allowing bikes during rush hour. equal number of people support and oppose banning bikes during peak cute hours. -- peak commute hours. the bart board is set to decide before the end of the year whether to change restrictions on cyclists who make up 4% of the riders. january 1st, california becomes the first state in the nation to ban a controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight. governor brown signed the bill into law yesterday.
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it prohibits sexual orientation change for anyone 18. the senator who wrote it says it stops church from being psychologically abuse. like the first episode of carmageddon in los angeles, the sequel this weekend ended without a hitch. live look of the project that shutdown one of the busiest freeways in the world over weekend, i-405 reopened last night hours ahead of the 5 a.m. deadline. looking live, traffic moving. how often do you see that? the mayor declared it a success and l.a. drivers are packing the freeways to get to work without the dreaded carmageddon. you may want to watch out around the coliseum tonight a's welcoming rangers, --
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>> during -- [ unintelligible ] 7:05 first pitch, about 70°, drop to 60 by the end of the game. let's talk about what is going on as far as clouds, do you see any? no not as we look from vollmer peak towards san francisco to sutro tower to the coast, absolutely nothing. live doppler 7 hd about the clouds, you don't have to worry about mist, drizzle, no rain, we can use it. these are latest conditions i just updated them, still 48 half moon bay, 50 santa rosa everybody else in the mid 50s to mid 60s until you get to fremont, still the warm spot at 73°, 60 monterey everybody else around the bay and inland mid to upper 50s under a clear sky, today will be the hottest day this week, clear tonight,
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mild to warm, mid 50s to mid 60s tomorrow morning many cooling will spread throughout all of our neighborhoods through the week. today concord 97°, san jose 94, san francisco 86, again san francisco 86 today, oakland 87, santa rosa and fremont 96 and 91. still hot in the low to mid 90s inland east bay valleys, orange for a reason to get your attention to tell you this is where we expect the poorest air quality all of us under a spare to air even where we have good to moderate air quality this afternoon. in the south bay, low to mid 70s, los gatos, 97° today, campbell, 95, mid 80s to upper 80s most of the peninsula, redwood city, 93° one of the warm spots, 72 half moon bay coast upper 70s to near 80
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sunset, daly city. 88 sausalito, 90s nor bay valleys, mid to upper 70s beaches. mid 80s to low 90s east bay shore. closer to the bay, only 90 watsonville today, 76 monterey, 72 carmel. got to beat the rangers to stay in contention for second playoff spot the a's need do that. cooling moves through the bay wednesday, inland thursday temperatures across the board 16° cooler by thursday, we'll see a few more degrees of cooling saturday and sunday dry all seven days. good morning. nice live shot now 80 berkeley, past golden gate fields, university avenue into emeryville beginning to get busier no significant delays into the bay bridge toll, that remains light metering lights
5:21 am
off, no problems heading into san francisco, eastbound four -- eastbound direction ongoing today. spare the air day i checked in with all mass transit everybody getting off to a great start, great way to get around. america's cup stars tomorrow, marina green, expect big delays within the viewing range marina green, embarcadero, doyle drive, golden gate bridge, as a matter of fact, the waze map is an excellent resource you can download it and get yourself around a lot of these traffic issues this week. 5:21. big day of ups and downs for bay area football fans. post-season hopes riding high in oakland. how the a's could clinch the
5:22 am
pennant tonight. too much for justin bieber to handle. the embarrassing on-stage moment for the young pop singer.
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49ers back to their winning i was after victory again the jets on the road. even the back-up quarterback got into the act took the snap and ran it in for his first nfl career touchdown. second half receiver holmes slips after catching a pass injuries his foot and gives up the ball. 49er defender rogers picks up the ball and returns it 51 yard force a touchdown. 9ers scored on a short run by hunter. 9ers shut out the jets 34-0 they improve 3-1 will host the bills at candlestick next sunday. the raiders face manning and broncos in denver manning takes the broncos 80 yards connecting for the 22 yard touchdown and never looked back. raiders never got on track. manning threw for 338 yards and three up downs raiders'
5:26 am
worst game of the season so far 37-6 final score. they fall to 1-3 raiders have a buy next week and they need it to regroup. a's' magic number two, with three games left in the regular season. they will host a division-leading rangers tonight, a's completed sweep of the mariners yesterday. weather was gorgeous, homerunners in the 8th gave the a's 5-2 win. giants face dodgers in los angeles tonight after coming from behind to beat the padres yesterday. homer in the 9th, two batters later two-run shot in the stands giants win 7-5. they look ready for post-season action. >> here's a new spin on bieber-fever.
5:27 am
justin bieber was forced to leave the stage twice during the kick-off of his new national tour. a bug got the best of him saturday night in arizona. he threw up twice on stage he left the stage after each episode, returned and did an encore. later tweeted, great show, getting better for tomorrow's show. he added, milk was a bad choice. hope he is better for his performance at oracle arena. we have a desperate search going on how for two boaters missing off the san mateo county coastline new information on the search. gunman still on the loose after brazen daytime shooting that shutdown a busy highway. long' waited trial starts this morning for at accused killer of an east bay nursing student.
5:28 am
>> you will get a sneak peek at hp's newest tablet hot company is targeting with their latest gadget. 13 to 20° above average from the 70s at the coast, 80s and 90s around the bay, 90s and triple digits inland. we are the warmest part of the country, 60s and 70s elsewhere, 103 phoenix, 80 portland, 71 seattle. atlanta already having flight arrival delays probably going to see the brunt of the weather today. here at home on time no clouds, no worries. no worries. [ female announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits
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. a lot of visitors in town will be sweltering at least today. good morning thank for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. head for the coast is the advice we have today.
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[ inaudible ] >> the coast is getting hot, good morning 5:32, live doppler, without the clouds we don't have to worry about mist, drizzle or any type of rain. we have to worry about the build-up of poor air quality, especially east bay hills and valleys, santa clara valley all of us under spare the air today. coast low to upper 70s from 72 to 78, hot around the bay mid 80s to low 90s, inland extreme from 92 to 103°. all of us seeing sunshine today. albeit a little hazy. race against time this morning in the search for two missing fishermen whose boat capsized it happened off the san mateo county coast. kira klapper joins us live from the coast guard station. >> reporter: all night
5:33 am
searching for those two mishing first end men this morning they resume helicopter search for those two men. sky 7 video we took yesterday morning shortly after the boat capsized, washed up on the rocks. four men were aboard, two who were wearing their life jackets made it safely to the beach. the other two were not wearing their life jackets. it took those two survivors about an hour longer to get to a neighborhood where they used a resident's phone to call 911. >> it wasn't that big of a boat. that and the life srefts which saw in the water the guy told me they weren't wearing them, i don't though, i didn't think it was going to turn out well for them. >> reporter: one of those who did make it to shore was rushed to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. the other hand was treated for shock and possibly a broken arm. meanwhile, the search
5:34 am
continues for those other two fishermen. the coast guard telling us they will relaunch their search helicopter just about 7:00 this morning. that's latest from the coast guard station i'm kira klapper, abc7 news. the trial set to begin today for the woman charged with murdering nursing student michelle le. prosecutors say giselle esteban killed le because she was jealous of le's relationship with her ex-boyfriend. le's body was found four months later in a remote area. le's family members say they will attend the trial expected to last a month. in oakland pretrial hearing continues for a man charged in one of the worst massacres in bay area history. one l. goh accused of killing seven and wounding three during a shooting spree at
5:35 am
oikos university where he was a former student. investigators say was upset about not getting a refund when he withdrew from school. gunman still on the loose this morning after a shooting that shutdown a busy portion of a peninsula freeway around 3:30 yesterday afternoon on southbound highway 101 near holly street exit in san carlos. this was the scene from sky 7 hd you can see the back-up well into san mateo total jam. red 2009 charger ran off the road went into the bushes north of the holly street exit. investigators state car had been shot multiple times one person inside was hit. police say the car was involved in incident of some sort with another vehicle. >> we don't know what the other vehicle looks like this vehicle was shot multiple times looking for anybody that saw any piece of this. >> all three in the dodge were taken to stanford hospital,
5:36 am
several lanes of traffic closed so officers could investigate that tied up traffic around belmont, san carlos and san mateo more than four hours. the start of a new era today for grocery shoppers in san francisco who will have to bring their own bags or pay up. the expanded plastic bag ban starts today shoppers with bring their own bags or pay. next year restaurants will be under the ban which designed to help san francisco reach zero waste goal. sue thompson will have more coming up. bay area hp unveiling new tablet this morning. they gave abc7 news a sneak preview. it is called the hp elite pad aimed at business customers for people who need portability and productivity trying to out into smartphones
5:37 am
and tablets. the new tablet be available until next year. 5:37. we told you earlier, hot in the word of the day. >> the deed of the day you are going to turn on your ac. >> i don't think we turned it off, it is still on, not running with the 50s and 60s, it is ready to go, as soon as the house heats up to the proper temperature. already 73 in fremont or still 73 in fremont not warming. 40 half moon bay look what happens when you don't have clouds gets cool along the coast rest of us 50s and 60s this morning. make sure you dress an accordingly. jet stream -- well north over the rockies spilling into the high plains, dumping cooler air into the midwest that's the set-up for us to be warm 50s most of us by 7:00, sun
5:38 am
across the board quick warming 70 lunchtime at the beaches, near 80 to 90 bay and inland mid 70s beaches at 4:00l8xy near 90 around the bay and 100 inland. the next three days after this everybody starts to cool tomorrow hits the coast wednesday moves into the bay, to a little inland even more so inland thursday, thursday all of us 16 to 18° cooler than today. good morning. live shot if you are going to the bay bridge minor delay for cash paying folks otherwise limit no problems upper deck into san francisco no delays. golden gate bridge looking good four lanes southbound out of waldo tunnel down the grade no visibility issues, fog-free this morning and at the limit through san rafael south 101 past marinwood the ymca and
5:39 am
chp issuing alert they are out in force between novato and san rafael, watch your speeds they will gettia. a lot of traffic coming to the -- bay area especially san francisco, fleet week starting thursday, hardly strictly this coming weekend, america's cup starting tomorrow you want to download this free app to help you get around these traffic jams. right now san francisco, slow on the embarcadero, to download this and become a traffic spotter go to busy but one week. next, lawmakers react to potential terror threat how anyone could have gotten a master key to some of new york city's most sensitive spots. man hospitalized after a fall from a busy theme park. why they say the accident was his fall. arnold schwarzenegger's arnold schwarzenegger's candid moment about his [ female announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits
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mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] it's on. let's roll. with welcome back. in southern california a man recovering in the hospital after falling off a water slide. it happened yesterday afternoon at six flags in
5:43 am
santa clarita. officials say the 19-year-old cut in line before the -- he went past lifeguards jumped in head-first, instead of halfway down he fell off the 75 foot tall slide. park officials say the man was not cleared to go down the slide and did not receive instructions first on how to position himself properly. new york lawmakers have launched an investigation into locating sets of master december the city that have ended up for bid on ebay. the keys were put up for sale by a new jersey locks smith for $150 they grab access to buildings, subway gates and firehouses men to be used by firefighters to get by locked passages when responding to emergencies. now, authorities are concerned the master keys may be used by terror groups. it is not clear how the lock got the original set of keys. -- schwarzenegger's
5:44 am
autobiography total recall goes on sale this morning and he's talking how he ruined his marriage with marie have shriver. during an interview he opened up about the affair. -- schwarzenegger praised shriver and said he regretted the infidelity. >> i it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria. and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> your children? >> yeah, because i had to tell them. >> schwarzenegger will give his first live interview since the scandal on "good morning america" right here starting at 7:00 this morning. 5:44. next, major fast food chain about to undergo makeover. bloomberg business report is next. days from the first presidential debate, why new poll numbers this morning
5:45 am
shows mitt romney has a lot of catching up to do. plus, the important deadline the u.s. postal service could not deliver on. why the future is looking murkier this morning. milestone for digital disc that
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time for our california forecast heat building up from with beaches in the 70s, 80s, 90s bay, 90s 100s inland more 100s through the central valley doppler is dry across the state. 100 in l.a. today, 86 san diego, 108 palm springs, tahoe 81°. big sur 87 today, not only are the beaches around here going to be warm also down to our south. want to talk about, 49,000, that's how much you can win if you go to our page and enter the sweep stakes to win that $49,000. go to news we'll announce the winner october 18th. the first presidential debate is two days away now.
5:49 am
both candidates are in high gear getting ready for the showdown. president obama is in nevada today and mitt romney in massachusetts. this morning new poll shows 63% of registered voters expect president obama to win reelection. his biggest lead so far when it comes to expectations. actual support among likely voters the race is closer, president obama leads mitt romney by two points, 49-47%. >> i have absolute confidence when we get to thursday morning you are going to say it is a new race. >> in guy killed osama bin laden i think he can stan up to mitt romney. >> mitt romney continues to hammer president obama's foreign policy in an editorial today romney calls for a new mideast strategy. see the first debate between mitt romney and president obama right here on abc7, live debate coverage
5:50 am
begins 6 p.m. this wednesday. october 1st, the u.s. supreme court convenes new session today. explosive issues like same-sex marriage, voting rights and abortion likely coming up. the first thing 7:00 this morning, pacific time, will release a list of appeals it will not consider. california's ban on same-sex marriage is not likely to be on that list f it is the 9th circuit ruling stands and same-sex would once again be legal in california. 5:50. spare the air day today. >> any triple digits? >> head north, head east if you want real heat, head to the coast if you want heat, used to being in the 50s going to be in mid to upper 70s warm and toasty at the coast. good morning. looking down at san francisco
5:51 am
all the way to the east bay hills, almost unlimited visibility this morning due to the lack of cloud cover and haze. with all the clouds no need to worry about drizzle not even at the coast no mist hanginging in the air, no rain, quo use rain none in the seven day. let's talk about what is going on now, 73 in fremont for the warm spot, 48 half moon bay for the cool spot, rest of us in the 50s and 60s. monterey bay, 60, everybody else around the bay and inland mid to upper 50s. today hottest day this week clear tonight, mild, some 50s to warm, 60s again when you wake up tomorrow morning, cooling not only during the afternoon, but also in the nighttime hours throughout the week. today going to jump 17° compared to average in concord, will be at 98 today. san francisco supposed to be the hottest time of the year 86.
5:52 am
nap par 94 oakland 87, 13 degrees warmer than average relief hits:52 when the sun starts to set. -- hits 6:52 when the sun starts to set low to mid 90s most of the south bay. redwood city 93° most neighbors mid to upper 80s peninsula 72 half moon bay near 80 sunset, mid 80s downtown south san francisco, sausalito 88, low to mid 90s, mid to upper 70s at your beefs, mid 80s to low 90s across the east bay shore, triple digits throughout the east bay valleys, extending to places like gilroy today, 90 watsonville, warm spot monterey bay, 72 carmel. heading to the game ringers in town, last three games final home fan for the a's, 70 at
5:53 am
7:05 dropping to 60 by 10:00. tonight temperatures in the 50s and 60s out at the coast a few areas into the 40s. 10° cooler at the coast tomorrow, 10° cooler at the bay, 15° cooler tomorrow into wednesday and 15° cooler by thursday inland. good morning. if you are headed to the game expect traffic 880 past the coliseum before and after the game. live shot of the bay bridge toll metering lights not on. a bit of a delay for cash paying folks carpool lanes and fastrak are moving nicely. nice traffic off the waldo grade into san francisco very light, chp issuing traffic alert for northern marin between novato and san rafael. they are out enforce south 101 be aware. busy east shore freeway no major slow downs, a little
5:54 am
bumper-to-bumper when you do reach the macarthur maze, bay bridge looking good. 280 northbound from san jose to cupertino, limit, light you will find stall 17 santa cruz mountains summit headed southbound stall blocking the right lane. 5:54. major u.s. fast food chain undergoing makeover in hopes of drawing a larger crowd. >> here's jane king. good morning. problems in the diaper supply chain after explosion and fatal fire at a japanese factory that supplies a third of the global market for chemical use in diapers in plant make as krill lick acid -- make as krill lick as --
5:55 am
. lower close for stocks friday investorss continue to eye european debt crisis. banks are charging consumers the lowest interests on new car loans since the federal reserve began keeping track in 1971. 0% interest, 60 month loans back offered by a lot of automakers. >> hot turkey sandwiches, peppermint milkshakes, miniature sandwiches and new logo at arby's unveiling new products in a multi-million dollar restaurant makeover.
5:56 am
at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. government agency that pledges to deliver no matter what, failed to deliver a huge payment overnight postal service will -- [ unintelligible ] the postal service says financial picture would improve if congress would put an end to saturday delivers. 30 years ago today, turntables, cassettes and reel-to-reel tape flairs started the march to obsolescence. the first disc was released --. hundreds of billions of cd's have been sold the player cost more than $700 in today's money that would be $1700. cd's themselves are becoming obsolete. next, grocery shopping
5:57 am
just got more expensive in one bay area city. if you don't bring something. we've told but arnold schwarzenegger's new book. the onset romance he's admitting to having had with a hollywood co-star. >> the weekend disaster half a world away that could lead to a diaper shortage. more about that. good morning! wow.
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